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The Elevator Pitch

For Christians – never wanting to hear “I never knew you” and certainly wanting to hear “Well-done good and faithful servant”. A blog dedicated to encouraging, equipping and empowering believers to be disciples of Jesus Christ and live life victoriously in Him, but most importantly to cultivate a relationship where we know we are known of Him.

We (that is those of us who claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord) need to be disciples.  It is likely that our continued failings in our personal walks with him is because of lack of focus on being his disciples.  Here you will find a place where discipleship is discussed – strategies for being disciples; sold out and victorious, and becoming those who make disciples – as we go.  I hope you will join me in the discussion, but more importantly, I hope that you will find a deep relationship with one who gave all for you.

My Journey In Brief

Back in 2004 I was away at a retreat and God moved.  The weight of the Holy Spirit was oppressive – I could not stop crying.  The sin in my life overwhelmed me.  At this point, I had been a Christian for 15 years – but honestly lead a very secret life, however, at this retreat I was lead to confess my sins to the room – after which I was approached by many with the same struggles and lack of victory in their lives – so i started a men’s study at our church, of which I lead the men’s ministry for about 5 years, during this time my heart for began to realize that being a disciple is the answer for sin.

Sadly because of time related issues, I had to hand off most of the men’s ministry stuff to others, however, I continued reading about discipleship and building up ideas to make it effective for our time – in a world laced with little of it.  As I step out to take action in this area I decided to build this site – maybe just to see who God will bring along for the journey.


Gear up folks!  If you are not engaged in the battle you are loosing it!