New Chapters

This has been a week of transitioning – with nearly my entire family closing the door on one thing to open a new door on another.  My eldest born son – one the 1st graduates of The Wilberforce School’s upper-school, graduated to head to college in the fall, my youngest born son – closing out middle-school with recognition to move on to the upper-school where he is grateful he can bring coffee in the mornings, my only born daughter leaving the confines of classroom life to write a path that is not yet clear to many of us, and myself leaving my current place of employment, of five plus years, to take new position elsewhere.

It seems I have spent significant parts of my life transitioning – honestly, I think it is something that I just desire – the idea of a new start and a clean slate has an attraction for me.  From the early days of a new school year to changing jobs (nearly every 5 years) – the phrase that sticks out for me, ‘I think it’s time to move on’.

I have established a tradition, of sorts, in my leaving stage.  It started my senior year of high-school.  I was graduating and leaving one of the best chapters of my life – with great friends, really a family, that had seen me through thick and thin.  Up ’til then, I had never experienced anything like that. Graduation was over, with its cheers and tears – it was time to go. And as I looked down the long hallway I had come in and left hundreds times before, a song by Phil Collins played in my head, “We Said Hello Goodbye“.

Turn your head And don’t look back Set your sails for a new horizon
Don’t turn around don’t look down Oh there’s life across the tracks
And you know it’s really not surprising It gets better when you get there oh

So I walked down the hall and didn’t look back – ‘it was time to move on’ – a chapter ended.

The song depicts my feelings at these times – “We said goodbye to a dear old friend and we packed our bags and left; feeling sad – it’s the only way”.  Leaving is always sad and I know I will miss the times I had, but the next line follows: ‘We said hello as we turned the key; a new roof over our head; gave a smile – it’s the only way – only way” – my coming Monday morning.

Anyway, all this to say, goodbye to a good chapter… time to move on and set sights on the next one – “and you know it’s really not surprising; it gets better, oh…”



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