A Personal Reflection

You know I regularly think about the fall of mankind and its varied impacts throughout time. However, more often than not, my thoughts tend to focus on change; on how we seem so ill-equipped to handle it. We look at the past longingly, we worry about changes to come, we are anxious regarding the changes we are currently facing, and even the changes that are exciting to us – still there is a sense that something is being left behind.

Personally, this takes the form of thinking about how much older I am now and looking back at the times I was younger – being a teenager, in college, getting married and when my children were just babies. While at the same time, looking forward about whether I am keeping up in my field, how will I pay for my kid’s colleges, or even if I will end well in regards to my relationship to Christ.

I don’t think there is a scripture I can point to that says “because of the fall, you will struggle with change”, but I do think that it is interesting the number of times that God refers to himself as unchanging – that God is still the same, yesterday, today and forever. It makes me wonder if all of these misgivings about change will, all at once, be satisfied in Him, when He appears. And the things we thought we lost will be made whole and finally make sense to our hearts.



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