The Story of Sin Part 2 – Running

There is a song by a band that I really like, well to be honest, I really like the female vocalist – she’s amazing, pushing out notes so delicately they hit your ears like silk.  Anyway… the band is Eastmountainsouth and the song is “Still running”.

I am still running
Oh I am still running
Running from the knowledge
That eye, that love

Oh, I am still running
I am still running
Running from the knowledge
from which there’s no refuge

I think about this song often, when I think about where we go because of sin.  The shame and the pain from our guilt drives us; often so hard we fail to realize that – we, like Adam and Eve are hiding and covering up. “We should have it more together,” we say to ourselves, I’ll tell them things are fine, when I see them, so they wont judge me or try to fix me, or so I don’t have to admit I’m broken.

The list goes on and on, but the reality is, they are no different, just as embarrassed and guilt ridden as the next.

For you meant only love and love
And I felt only fear and pain

But God pursues. “Where are you?”, He calls to them in the garden.

Let’s be honest. Had it slipped the God of the universe’s attention, did He not know what happened as He called out, “Where are you?” But Adam and Eve were still naked and the knew it; just like us, they felt such intense guilt and they could not undo what had already been done.

I am grateful that He pursues us, because it is easier for me to hide than to willing fall into His arms. I’m not sure what the deal is with that. That I know that He wants to know me, to set me free, to heal the brokenness, but I (we) hide.

So, once in Israel, love came
And we were all afraid

It’s time to be caught, for some maybe again, by Him; to open your grasp from all the junk you’re carrying around and let it all go – you’ve been running too long.  Once in His arms you will sense release – not pain; freedom from the years of carrying around weights that you were not meant to bare and for that moment there will be no other place you’d rather be…

Tears will flow and joy will follow.



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