His dance with Cinderella

I was just sitting at home alone, with computer in hand, listening to Stephen Curtis Chapman’s, “Dance with Cinderella”, on the radio, thinking about how good it is to be loved by God. He is so willing to hang with us and enjoy us, and so, I imagine Him singing, “so I dance with Cinderella while ‘she’ is here in my arms” – getting me to think about being a dad, and looking past all the difficulties and frustration, thinking about how good it is to know my kids and hearing their thoughts on things and to be with them.

But here’s the kicker… Stephen Curtis Chapman assents to knowing that some day, they will move on with their lives but he doesn’t lament, he embraces the time he has NOW.

Seems this stands in stark contrast to God. He draws us to him, calling on us to love Him. Not just a little but with all that we are.

It is not in his plans that we learn to dance with Him, but that we would dance with Him our entire lives – lost in His eyes and safe in His arms – consumed with and by Him.

Ah, yes, but there is the leaving.

Going off to dance with another lover, forsaking the God that desires us so intensely – wherein that love we are filled, made complete and set free. But… there it is…we’re off.

Something within us or without us says, ‘nope it’s not there with Him’ and we wander – no love for Him; with our whole heart, or strength, or soul or mind – we leave to find, what was in Him all along, somewhere or with someone else.

But amazingly, there our Father waits, ready and eager for us to come to dance, not wanting to miss even one song, knowing that one day all the distractions of this world will one day be gone – the clock will strike midnight on this world, then we will know Him, as we are already known.

Spend some time with Him. Pick up the Bible read and learn more about Him. Pray as the Spirit leads while you read. Love Him. Don’t waste your life with other loves – other loves will not satisfy – He waits for you, will you join Him?



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