So Little Change

As an athlete uses a ball so do many of us use words: words spoken and words sung, words written and words uttered in prayer. We throw them swiftly across the field; we learn to handle them with dexterity and grace-and gain as our reward the applause of those who have enjoyed the game. In the games men play there are no moral roots. It is a pleasant activity which changes nothing and settles nothing, at last. Sadly, in the religious game of pious words, after the pleasant meeting no one is basically any different from what he had been before! – A.W. Tozer

Christmas Is Upon Us

It has been a really busy year for my family. Particularly with aging parents dealing with various sicknesses and being in the throes of raising 2 teens and a tween. In our busyness, gift shopping has started late and so has decorating and honestly my heart has not been open to the Christmas season until […]

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A Personal Reflection

You know I regularly think about the fall of mankind and its varied impacts throughout time. However, more often than not, my thoughts tend to focus on change; on how we seem so ill-equipped to handle it. We look at the past longingly, we worry about changes to come, we are anxious regarding the changes […]

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Time To Change

I think I’ll write about changing life in our home.  We’ve been going through some serious difficulties – particularly in the last few months.  We do not have a particularly kind or patient home and sarcasms is usually stuck on high.  Given the lack of patience, we often are on edge; it is certainly not […]

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Strange Brokeness

So this morning I had read all my email and Facebook, ate breakfast, fed the dog, and made some coffee.  I was thinking about what I wanted to write but, having a bit of a headache, I decided to turn on HGTV and watch Disaster DIY – a show where friends or family, of someone […]

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